About GlobalData Intelligence

GlobalData Intelligence specialises in customer & market insight tailored for the ICT industry. We undertake comprehensive research into business ICT spending activity across numerous geographies and sectors, through our ongoing engagement with the most influential CIOs and ICT decision-makers. This enables us to understand and predict likely technology investments, and provide a wealth of insight into organizations’ approach to ICT budgeting and procurement. By also monitoring the performance of technology vendors and services providers, we are able to assess and define market opportunities across the full range of ICT domains. Our overall goal is to provide you with the data and intelligence that will help you improve your customer engagement and sales enablement.

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Tactical Market Intelligence
Kable is the benchmark in public sector ICT market intelligence. It's the core of our expertise. On a tactical level, our opportunity notification and advisory services provide you with a 24/7 direct line into the dynamics of public sector business and give your business day-to-day competitive advantage.

Strategic Market Intelligence
Because we research deeper, you can see further. That's the unique proposition of Kable's strategic market intelligence. Our five-year forecasts by vertical markets, by product and by service category are considered authoritative planning, mapping and targeting tools by the UK's largest ICT suppliers.

Custom Research
Kable research is conducted by industry acknowledged experts. We gather and validate government data every day from thousands of public sector sources. We conduct robust conversations with industry decision-makers and have the know-how and experience to put what they say into context.

Consulting & Advisory
Kable's ICT consulting services are long-established and market-proven. We know government and we know the players. We also know you have questions: How do you grow your market? Where are your future opportunities? Who do you partner with? How do you win more business? Our consultants will provide your answers.